ULTIMA Trading System: The HOLY GRAIL

ULTIMA (Short for Ultimate Trading System) is a three phase trading system. It operates by looking at 12 periods of monthly prices and daily prices and working on the 30 min and 1 min time frames. The System operates at extreme swing levels described by the upper and lower bollinger bands.

It is a highly profitable system and there are moments where even fx brokers have been amazed at its profitability.

The system operates at unheard of win rate of 95% and a profit factor over 3x. MT4

Historical Performance in PIPS

On an average the system has been making over +800 pips. The May 2019 shows a performance of +2081 pips.

The yellow boxes indicate the system is currently trading that month.


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The system made +575 % return in 2018. A very good system may end up making 100%. But the ULTIMA has been described as the HOLY GRAIL of forex trading. Therefore these returns are head and shoulders above other EAS. The 2019 return is already up +85%. A $30,000 account would easily have crossed +$300k in less than 2 year.

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