Exciting Opportunity: USDJPY and EURUSD


As ULTIMA trades, we noticed a lovely opportunity for clients who wish to trade manual. You will need to be a ULTIMA trade copier client to get the exact trade setups. We will give some basic idea but the detail trade with stops will be visible to trade copier clients only.


EURUSD forms a three spike top at 1.1320 on 5min. The trade could be either long or short. It will be on YOUR MT4 when ULTIMA takes it.

USDJPY (5 Min)

USDJPY trade is making a trending bottom which can move either ways. The line on the downside will be 108.45 while on the upside will be 108.75. ULTIMA will be trading it with a unique stop and risk management.

Dollar Index

Dollar index is basing at 96.7. This is a big level for the index as it opened with a gap and has not hit the lows. So it could move either to long term upside or long term downside on break of key levels.

NYSE High/Low

The MYSE new high and low is maintaining at yesterday high levels confirming that markets are headed higher. This will have a bearing on forex markets.

If you would like to connect your MT4 to ULTIMA trade copier, please let us know here: Lets Connect


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