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As the ULTIMA trade copier is cruising higher in June, we present to you the latest trading opportunities and our manual biases for key pairs.

June has added +3.5%. ULTIMA has never had a negative month of trading since inception in 2008. Since beginning for retail offering in 2018, the performance every month has been over +5%. That is the least a client can expect from ULTIMA. If you want to connect your MT4 account , please reach out to us: Lets Connect Please remember this system makes over +5% every single month with out fail since 2008. In 2018, it made over +535% return and this year the system is over +100% return. It is extremely high rewarding. However because of its incredible profitability, we will NOT REVEAL the system logic or its trading rule. This is to protect the system from outside interference. Many brokers have tried reverse engineer the system and failed. Some have described it as the HOLY GRAIL. It starts making money from the very month you begin. Never has it had a negative return month. So if these terms are acceptable, please do reach out to us.

USDJPY is at oversold on the hourly and 4H charts thus keeping traders waiting fo the eventual bounce to 110.

EURUSD is heading to new lows. All bounces seem to be meeting heavy sales. We see 1.1 coming in June.

For AUDUSD, the area of balance study reveals that a key pivot level on long term charts remains at 0.7500. It is a level to watch for in case dollar weakens.

A further investigatio

n into area of balance study for USDJPY suggests a intermediate bounce to 111.

Risk Assets

The JNK price action just under the 200 DMA. A key barometer for market appetite for risk remains subdued. The ETF needs to regain 108 for risk assets to rise freely.


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