June returns +2.63%


ULTIMA trade copier starts june returns with solid +2.63% returns. This is the second month of trade copier trading.

The month of May made +22.16% and +2159 pips at profit factor of +3.18x. These stats is the highest in the forex trading world anywhere in the world.

The of June has already begun with a +2.63% return.

The returns since 2018 are shown above. As you can observe, the June 2019 shows a return of +452 pips.

History of trades for June 2019 is shown below.

Further drilling down to pair level trading, we see the results below.

Pair level results can be seen here

There is a reason why the ULTIMA has been termed as the HOLY GRAIL. It makes very high return consistently.

All our clients who started at the minimum capital has shown the below growth in their portfolio size.

Capital of $30000 has hit 229,000 in equity as of May 31.

There is steady and consistent growth in every month. There is not a single month, when the ULTIMA has returned negative returns. So as soon as you start, the system will start to make money.

If you want to start, please send us a email at support@duesystem.com


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